Baidu is the biggest search engine in China. It also provides generous cloud storage service for its user. If you sign up and download mobile apps, be it for iPhone, iPad or Android, they will offer you 2TB (yes 2048GB) of storage for free. You can check the following link to claim your 2TB. If you don’t understand Chinese, you can have one of your friend that does to simply do it for you.

Of course, the 2TB seems a lot if you simply use to store your photos, videos and personal document. But being a company located in China, it means that you can also gain access of millions of “FREE” resources. One thing of particular interest is to find video resources. Most of the time if your internet speed is enough, you can use several online video website such as,, to directly viewing them online. You can refer to this post if you have limited access because of the area you are in. But if you happen to have slower internet connection of prefer to view on the go. Baidu cloud can be very helpful for you.

Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the title of the resource you wanted to find in the search box, along with “”.

In this example, I wanted to find “House of Cards”.



Step 3: Follow the links that located in “” and save to your cloud storage.

The save process is typically very fast, because they are not physically copying anything. Maybe just link you to some centralized storage “in the cloud”.


Step 4: Watch it directly or download to your local drive.

I would recommend to download their management software called “百度云管家” to do the downloading because it is easy to resume from some network jitters.

Another thing that is very useful is its offline download service. For some of the BitTorrent seed you find in the Step 2, you can save the seed to your cloud drive and do the offline download. Many times for a resource of 1GB or 2GB, it only takes seconds to finish. Again, everything is in their cloud and it is just a matter of creating a link for you.

How Shoud You Use Baidu Cloud Service
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