In today’s Forbes article that showed the top countries for public spending, most countries on the list correlated to higher education level for their citizens. Such as Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, etc.

However, to my surprise Mexico also hailed as No. 2 which spends 20.5% in their education. In my perception, Mexico as a country is not so impressive for education level. On average people only receive 8 years of education. According to this article the problem lies in the most powerful union in Mexico National Education Workers’ Union, or SNTE. The union controls the hiring, curriculum and even auction the teacher position. “Government oversight of the union-run system is so lax, the film says, that the Public Education Secretariat could not say how many teachers Mexico has.”

It is an example of more money doesn’t yield better result. You also need a good system wrapped around it to make good use of it.


Why More Money Invested Doesn’t Equal To Better Education System
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