Today I learned something useful to me, which is how to control Youtube video with keyboard. Yes, I like to use keyboard instead of mouse!

Here is how you do it.

In Full Screen Mode

In full screen mode, it is very much in many stand alone video players. You can use

  • “SPACE” to play/stop
  • Left arrow to move backward 5 seconds
  • “Right arrow” to move forward 5 seconds

There is another set of keys to use:

  • “k” to play/stop
  • “j” to move backward 10 seconds
  • “l” to move forward 10 seconds

In Regular Window Mode

If you just escaped from full screen mode without clicking anywhere in the window, the “space/left/right” set of control keys still work. However, if you click anywhere in the window after full screen mode or haven’t enter it yet, you can only use the “k/j/l” keys to control the video.

Happy Youtubing!

How to Control Youtube Video Playing with Keyboard
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