So you want to transfer your videos from Android phone to the computer but cannot find it anywhere? If this sounds like what you are struggling right now, this post is going to solve the problem for you in a few steps.

Step 1: Locate your video files in the phone

To do that, just navigate the Videos and long press the video file of interest to select it. Select the “Details” option and you will see the file location in the phone storage. In my case (Samsung Galaxy Note 5), it is located at /Internal Storage/DCIM/Camera/

Step 2: Connect the phone to the computer and Select Transfer Type

You can swipe down and tap to select the transfer type. Since the goal is to transfer video files, just select “Transfer files”.


Step 3: Open the Windows Explorer and copy files

If in “This PC” you see the icon for the phone is like this, then you are probably able to find your files without problem.

But on the other hand, if you selected the “Transfer File” option and see the following icon, you would need to do step 4 in addition before you can see your video files.

For the /Internal Storage/DCIM/Camera/, it is shown as “This PC/Galaxy Note5/Phone/DCIM/Camera”.

Step 4: Modify the USB Transfer protocol to MTP (Optional)

If you see the icon of the phone as a camera, then it means the USB was configured for transfer pictures using picture transfer protocol (PTP). You would need to configure it to use media transfer protocol (MTP) to show you video files (MP4, etc) in your PC.

To do this, you need to enable the “Developer Options”. To enable the developer options, go to phone settings/”About device” and tap “Build number” a few times.

After you enable the Developer options, select the “USB configuration”.

Select MTP option.

And then go back to the Windows explorer, you should be able to see the video files that are missing from previous view.

Hope this is helpful to you.

How to Transfer Video files from Android Phone to PC
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