My mother-in-law recently came to visit us from China. One thing she enjoys doing is watching all kinds of movies or TV episodes online from Chinese website such as, and But many of them limit the access from Mainland China only.


So I was in search of the ways to get around this issue for her IPAD since her arrival.

Fortunately, somebody had attacked this issue right on. “Zhuzhuor” developed a Chrome extension called “Unblock Youku”, which basically trick the streaming website to think the HTTP request comes from mainland China. After the connection is initialized, the data are transferred directly from the streaming websites.

After installing the extension, the Chrome browser looks like this.


While for Iphone or IPad it is a different story because the Chrome extension does not work in IOS. So the authors created a proxy auto-config script to enable it. Details can be found at the Unblock-Youku github wiki page:


The procy auto-config setting is:

Nice work ZhuZhuor, you saved my day.

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