In general the penhold table tennis player is weaker in backhand. Reverse backhand is an important improvement on overcome this weakness. With the efforts of several generations of player such as Liu Guoliang, Ma Lin, Wang Hao, and recently Xu Xin, penhold players still see great potential in high level playing.

There are some difference in the style that Wang Hao plays as compared with Liu Guoliang and Ma Lin. His backhand arsenal does not include traditional push and block technology, instead he always use reverse looping and attack. So the way he is holding his paddle is different, i.e., he use middle finger and ring finger to fix the paddle in the reverse side.

Here is how he does the forehand attack:


Here is how he does the backhand attack:


It is different from the traditional holding, isn’t it? This way he gives away the push (with 2 fingers contacting, it is hard to flip the paddle to push). But in return he gain additional stability and power on backhand reverse attacks.

How To Hold Penhold Paddle the Wang Hao Style
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