Debugging code is always a pain in the butt even if you were the one that wrote the code. It typically take many times more effort to debug and test code than writing it. And typically, it involve setting break points (with lots of guess work), rerun and step through to figure out where is the point that breaks.

Imagine what you can do to step through backward until you hit the point where the code breaks. Wouldn’t it greatly improve your debugging efficiency? Undo Software (a Cambridge UK based company) offers a product “UndoDB” to do exactly that. You can see it in action here.

And it turned out that ARM has integrated the function in their latest DS-5 development studio software package. You can refer to the product page and company blog for more details.

One thing to note is that the rewind does not come for free, it does slow down the code run by 4X. But who cares if it can save me from rerun the whole thing again and again to guess where is the problem.

Let us know what do you  think about it.

UndoDB Makes Debugging Code Easier
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