Recently, my cousin asked me to help buy a laptop for him from US. Believe or not, the price difference for some electronic items are still big from US to China. For example, the laptop I bought for my cousin is roughly $150 cheaper than the Amazon Chinese counterpart 京东商城(

Sorry, too much for background story.

Here is the really story. My cousin wanted me to get him a  Chinese version Windows 8 for this laptop. I promised to try my best, because I know from experience of working with previous Windows versions it is not easy to change an English version to complete Chinese look and feel.

Well, it turn out for Windows 8, it is a much simpler task than I expected. Here is the procedure I found for changing it to Traditional Chinese Version. For changing to Simplified Chinese Version, it is very similar. Just choose Simplified Chinese in place of Traditional Chinese.

Life are much easier these days!


How to Convert Windows 8 to a Complete Chinese Version
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