T-Mobile has hit the phone service companies with another big announcement . For only $10, you can add unlimited international calls to all your lines (YES, ALL YOUR LINES)! Including mobile-to-landlines and mobile-to-mobile. It is definitely shaking up the industry again in the holiday season (I still remember the Simple Choice Plan announced last year). This time not only the wireless carriers, but also the calling cards and VOIP providers (Skype, Google Voice included).

You can add the $10 Stateside International Talk to you existing Simple Choice Family Plan here: http://www.t-mobile.com/optional-services/international-calling.html

The country lineup is shown below. Notice that the Mexico is not in the list for unlimited call, instead they offer 1000 minutes/line mobile-to-mobile, which is also decent.


Some internet post said the promotion goes through end of 2014. Not sure how long will it last.
I am already planning to join in, how about you?

T-Mobile Added Unlimited International Calling to 30+ Countries for Whole Family Only Cost $10

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