The Whirlpool WHER25 under sink water filter system is a good investment I made when I moved into my own house. Lowe’s sell the complete set for $149 and the replacement filters for around $90 (3 in a set: 1x WHEERM and 2x WHEERF). Typically I change out the filters every year or so. You can do the math for yourself, but it pays for itself quickly by saving on the bottled water.

I have been happy with the whole system until recently found that it was leaking water under the dust cover. After some internet search, I found the following Youtube video which is exactly the same problem as mine.

Basically there is a small rubber diaphragm in the water intake. It open and close on the air pressure. It is not that durable. The plastic ring around it is also breakable.

Now the problem is how to get the replacement part and fix the issue. It turn out that the replacement part is quite expensive. Find them from this website:
Diaphragm Kt (Part #: 7250876) $12.59
Ring (Part #: 7234325)   $33.26

Or you can get the two together as a kit: Diaphragm Kit (Part #: 7333179)   $72.51

You can get the list of parts in the owners manual from here.

Hope you have already realized something quite weird about how they pricing these replacement part (or shall we call it rip off)! The whole set (including a filter set) cost $149, while two pieces of rubber cost >$20 (including the shipping). I didn’t calculate the total, but I bet the total cost of the parts adds up well above $1000. And this is the only two places that I could find them (the other website is!

So what did I do exactly? I bought a new complete set from a local Lowe’s and switched them on. Kept the old system in garage for parts in the future.

How to Repair a Leaky WHER25 Water Filter System

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