Today I read an interesting thread in Quora:

As an insider, the pilot knows a lot more about what is going on during the flight. So when they travel as passenger they might also notice something we ordinary people doesn’t pay attention to. My impression is that they pay much closer attention to the possible bad situation than we do.

It turn out there are a couple of good advices there. I particularly like this piece of advice:

For one thing, I always look around to find the nearest emergency exit.  Then I count the number of seats between me and that exit.  It only takes a quick glance.

I do this so if ever necessary, I can in the dark, or under water, or if there is smoke, or if upside down, I know beforehand where the exit is, and I can blindly count the number of seats by touch to reach that emergency exit row, because I have counted them.  It’s quick and easy to do, every time.

I think it is easy to implement in my next trips and I am going to do it. What do you think?

Knowing This Might Save Your Life For Your Next Flight?
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