When I first came across this BBC documentary series (7 Up), I was deeply moved. It took a group of 7 year old kids from different background in England and follow them through their lives every 7 years. It is really “World in Action”.

It is powerful because these are real people’s life, you see their growth and struggles. Seeing these people, you just can’t stop thinking about your own life trajectory and how you should spend your life.

It is one of the best documentary I have ever seen.See it for yourself!!

7 Up (1964)

Seven Plus Seven (1970)


21 Up (1977)

28 Up (1984)

35 Up (1991)

42 Up (1998)


49 Up (2005)

Can’t find full video on Youtube, but many short clips available



56 Up (2012)

Part 1

Part 2

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This British Documentary Will Definitely Make You Think About Life (Up Series)
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